Well if you have asthma and want to have fun and better manage your asthma at the same time, please contact us. We may be able to allocate you to one of our existing projects or potentially set up a new one if we do not run one in your area.

If you are a parent / carer we are here to support you as well. Asthma affects whole families, not just those with asthma. Even if it is just a chat over the phone you want, or if you want your child with asthma to become involved in one of our projects just pick up the phone or email us.

If you are involved in an organisation such as a school, youth group or whatever and know a number of children with asthma who might be able to benefit from our work then please get in touch. We may also be able to help you in your work in dealing with young people between 7 and 18. We are always eager to explore partnerships with other suitable bodies.